ANG Business Utility Services
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ANG Business Utility Services

We are trusted UK based energy and utilities broker, who have expertise in everything to grow your business.

Low business electricity, gas, telephone, broadband and water cost is one of the quickest, easiest and most effective way of boosting your business. Electricity and Gas are the lifeblood of every business around the world and we are here to offer you with an energy broker that could be much bigger than your imagination.
We are here to make your life easy and enjoyable. We have many reliable suppliers that you and we can trust to look after your business. Once we have offers from all these suppliers we will lay out all the options to you and let you choose a contract that matches your needs.

Electricity for Businesses 

We are specialise in best-priced electricity contracts. Switching to one is easier than you think.

There are always great deals available on business electricity, but it can take some serious effort to find them.

We take all the hassle out of good deal hunting. Our best accounts team know the energy market inside out and they have the skills and expertise to negotiate those rock-bottom deals that our customers love.

We can advise on which supplier and contract type would be best for your business and we can help to freeze your energy costs up to five years.


Gas for Businesses 

Finding the cheapest business gas deals is not always easy. However, we have an experienced team having all skills and market knowledge to track them down.

After more than five years in this business, we have helped thousands of businesses to find cheaper gas deals. In addition, we still hold on to most of the clients that we found on day one.

Whatever size your business is, we can save you huge amounts on your monthly gas expenses, providing a big boost to your bottom line with very little effort on your part.

We know the right tariff for you

We know switching process

We know how to settle disputes with your supplier

We know how to remind you when it’s time to renegotiate


We can also help your business to find:

Broadband for Businesses 

Telecom for Businesses 

And Water for Businesses 

Smart meters for Businesses 

We have started a journey to provide a Smart meter for every one of our business and residential customers. We have currently working our way through the UK. Register your interest and we will let you know when you can get yours.